Thanks to storage units in Red Deer, my family doesn’t have to move into our new home while our possessions sit in a garage somewhere. I tried to save money buy acting as the general contractor on our new home, but ran into a lot of problems getting the structure built on time. What I wanted to do was have everything follow a plan while also selling our own home so that our transition from one house to another would be seamless. Of course, none of that worked out. We got an offer on our current home months before the new house would be ready.

My wife suggested putting all of our furniture in the garage at the new home while we stayed in an apartment until the new house could be finished. I didn’t like the idea of exposing our furniture to extreme temperatures, but we simply couldn’t fit all of this stuff in the apartment (which was furnished and rented for just a few months). That’s where a storage facility came into the picture. We could rent a unit large enough to hold all of our possessions and not have to worry about leaving them in some dirty garage.

The storage units we went with are really nice, far nicer than anything I remember using back in the day. The security is top notch so you don’t have to worry about thieves getting into your things. Moreover, the unit is climate controlled. That alone was enough to get me to go along with renting a space. Since the new house will be worked on perilously close to the winter months, it’s nice to know all of our things will be warm and safe. The only problem I foresee is finding a way to get all that stuff from the storage unit to our new home!