I have known this girl for quite a long time, probably around five or six years, but neither of us ever were single at the same time until we started to go out about seven months ago. At first I just watched her dog for her while she was out of the city, which is about half of the time. She has a hound dog, I think it is an English Hound and she treats that thing like it was her first born child. This morning she spent close to an hour on naturally complete whole earth farms reviews, because she literally treats this dog better than she treats most people and she is really intent on spoiling the thing. In fact she has gone out with guys who were jealous of the dog and it would be easy to understand it. We had steaks about a week ago, she bought three of them and Rosie got one of them for her own.

At any rate she and I have moved out into the country, we found this place with about three and a half acres of land and a little farm pond on it. At least we have part of the pond, I am not really sure where the property line is, but the farmer we bought the place from still owns about two thirds of the pond. In fact he does not mind what we do though. I have already caught a lot of fish in it, the first day I tried I put on a topwater plug and went out there when the light was fading. About a three and a half pound largemouth bass rose up and really crushed that plug. I was surprised, but it does not appear that anyone has been fishing there for awhile.