I signed up for ADT in Houston after the devastating hurricane ravaged the city last year. In some ways it is surprising that I didn’t do so earlier because Houston is actually a pretty dangerous city. We have fairly high crime rates and the news is always filled with all sorts of horror stories involving rape, assault, and murder. It’s interesting because being Texas almost everyone I know carries a gun, but the crime rate continues unabated. I would hate to think what would happen if they tried to take guns away. I think they would probably have to deploy the military.

Carrying a gun is a wise and sensible move when you are out and about around the city, but that still leaves your home unprotected. Considering I have two small children at home with a wife who refuses to learn how to use a firearm, I obviously needed to come up with a plan for security. The hurricane and the resulting crime spike prodded me to call the home security company to see what options I could find for turning my home into a fortress. I found the company online and reached out to them.

It turns out home security is a lot better than I remember it being back in the day. Probably it is due to the internet as you can get a lot of wireless options for checking in on your house while you are not there as well as turning the alarm off and on remotely. Of course, I got the best package of services I could afford. Really you can’t spend too much for peace of mind in this city. As America’s third largest city, you get a lot of joys of living the urban life with the cost being a lot of crime. I feel better about the latter now that I’ve got the security system.